History of Association
The North Carolina Retired Peace Officers Association, Inc came to life in 1977. The Articles of Incorporation was presented and signed by the Secretary of State for North Carolina on March 2, 1977 and by 8 retired Law Enforcement Officers who were listed as the Board of Directors, no other officers were listed. Two of these members Arthur Fields and G. Irvin Aldridge had funded all expense for the By-Laws to be written and process of having the Association establish as a Corporation.
  1. Stanhope Lineberry
  2. E.R. McKay
  3. C. Raymond Williams
  4. John L. Boyd
  5. Donis L. White
  6. Arthur F. Fields
  7. Dave L. Shuler
  8. John Laws
The Object, Purpose and Scope of the Association were spelled out in Article II of the Association By-Laws. (below shows as written in 1977)
  1. To form a body of retired law enforcement officers, to unite its members in the closest bond of good fellowship, and to promote a closer and social union among these and all persons interested in the profession.
  2. To actively encourage and energetically pursue all efforts possible which are designed to improve the welfare and well-being of retired peace officers who have served the great State of North Carolina so well and for so long.
  3. To instill in members of the Association integrity and just pride in their chosen profession, thereby elevating their chosen profession and to uphold the dignity of the law.
  4. To promote better public relations through civic organizations, to support such organization in the interest of better public relations and to advance friendly and courteous dealings with the public.
  5. To assist legislators in the enactment of needed laws and amendment of existing inefficient laws that relate to retired peace officers. Take necessary action on all existing and proposed legislation that affects retired peace officers and those still in the law enforcement profession.
  6. To create and maintain a death benefit plan for its active members.
  7. To establish, publish and distribute a magazine devoted exclusively to matters of interest to retired peace officers.
The first meeting of the Association was held at Howard Johnson Motel, Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturday, March 25, 1977 at 11:00 a.m. The First Association General Meeting followed at 12:00 p.m. and the first Board of Directors meeting was held at 2:00 p.m.
Opening Meeting
The minutes does not show how many persons were in attendance at this meeting but there were 343 persons listed to be known as Charter Members of the Association.
Arthur Fields was elected as Temporary Chairman of the Board and Donis White was elected as Temporary Secretary for this meeting of the Board of Directors and General meeting until new Officers could be elected.
General Meeting
It was established that annually membership fee was to be paid by each member by July, 1, 1977 and prorate for the Charter Members to $3.00. After that annual dues were set at $12.00 from July 1st to June 30th of each year.
Justin Tucker was elected as President, Stan Lineberry was elected as Vice-President, Arthur Fields was elected as Secretary-Treasurer, E.R. McKinney was Chairman of the Board, J.C Long was elected as Sgt. .At Arms, and the 11 Board Members were then elected Donis L. White, W.H. Jackson, W.S. McKinney, A.R. Sluder, S. H. Mitchell, & W.A. Riggabee for a 2 year term; Dave Lambert, P.R. Kitchen, Marvin Yoder, Victor Aldridge, & John Boyd for a 1 year term. President, Vice President and Sgt. At Arms and Secretary/ Treasurer would serve a two year terms.
The first Honorary Member was G. Irvin Aldridge.
Board of Directors Meeting
They voted to reimbursement Fields and Aldridge for expenses incurred in setting up the Association.
The Secretary was instructed to mail billing statements for annual dues to all members.
The following items were adopted:
  1. To have a membership card designed and mailed to all members.
  2. To have an insignia / decal designed for the Association.
  3. Set up a bank account at the Planters National Bank and Trust Company in Manteo, North Carolina.
  4. The Secretary/ Treasurer be Bonded in the amount of $5,000.00.
  5. Fiscal year of the Association is July 1st to June 30th of each year.
A called Board of Directors meeting was called and held on June 17, 1977 11:00am at the Holiday Inn in Greensboro, NC. 11 Officers and Board Members were present. At this meeting a follow up report on all actions was given. The Bank account had been set up and the only changed requested was that they go to one signature signing checks instead of having to have two signature since the President and Treasurer lived in two parts of the State and that the audit report would serve as a check and balance of checking account. Also the Treasurer and President were bonded. Membership cards were designed and approved.
It was approved that the Association would have a Special Statewide Conference, in November 1977. Also at that time, there would be a Special Statewide Meeting, General Meeting, Board of Directors Meeting, and Banquet Meal at the Special Statewide Conference.
The Death Benefits Program was discussed and it was decided not to set-up anything or take any other actions at this time and to be reviewed at a later time.
Several Committees were approved by the Board and all positions on the committees to be appointed by the President.
List of Committees:
  1. Auditing
  2. Nomination
  3. Resolutions
  4. Legislative
  5. Death Benefits Fund
  6. Membership
  7. Conference, Social Statewide
  8. Competitive Golf
  9. Competitive Shooting
  10. Employment Opportunities
  11. By-Laws
  12. Logo–Decal
In November of 1977 the Special Statewide Conference was held in Concord NC. At this Conference Special, General and Board Meeting were held with committee report and follow up on other business matters presented. Two things that effected operation of the Association were approved:
  1. A window decal badge was approved and that each member be given one and pay $1.00 for each additional decal they wanted. When a new member joined he / she would be given one decal. Members only could purchase decals for their use at $1.00 each.
  2. Then starting in the spring of 1978 the Association would start having an Annual Conference in the spring of each year and a Special Statewide Conference in the fall of each year. At the Annual Conference would be when all elections would take place.
At the May 1979 Annual Conference the first major election was held and it was decided at that time the Past President would move into the Chairman of the Board position and serve until being replaced by another out going President.
It was decided that the Board of Directors should meet more often and for the next several years the Board of Director started having at least one other meeting a year other than the Annual and Special Conferences.
In 1979 the Association approved the design of the license plates for the front of a vehicle and purchased 500 of them to be sold to member at the cost of $3.00 each. The Association still has over 270 of these original license plates and cost remains $3.00 each.
In 1984 the Association had its first Ball Caps with the Association Name screen printed on it.
One thing that has taken place since the Association began was the support and assistance in several local department and counties to start their own retired law enforcement associations.
In 1987 the Association approved to move the bank account from Planters National Bank and Trust Company in Manteo, North Carolina to a bank in the Rowan County Area. This account was moved to the State Employee’s Credit Union.
In 1988 the Association voted to give every new Law Enforcement Retiree a free one year membership when they joined the Association.
In 1989 the Association became a Tax Exempt Origination.
By – Law Changes and Updates:
A change to the By-Laws where it makes several references to a death benefit and since the association has no death benefit and does not expect to have one all references to a death benefit are to be deleted.
Also at this time there were several other changes in wording to the by-laws and also some committees that were listed were removed. Another change is that members who have been deleted from membership for failure to pay annual membership fees was changed to state that member could rejoin and become active by paying current membership dues.
All changes deal with wording and some small procedure changes.
These changes we correcting some of the wording to make things better understanding and to add in some wording to cover meetings by using Roberts Rules of Order.
In October 1989 the Association purchased its first computer, for use by Secretary / Treasurer to keep finance records and membership files.
In 1990 the Association started the Door Prize amount for people attending the Conferences. A total of $200.00 broken down to 1 - $50.00; 2 - $25.00 & 10 - $10.00.
In 1990 the Association started receiving a list of all LEO retiree from the NC Retirement System.
In 1991 the Association started the College Scholarship Fund; this fund started a $1,000.00 a year and could be received for 4 year by applying each year. Only children of Officers killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty can receive the Scholarship. There would be 4 Scholarships given each year. In 2007 the amount of the Scholarship was increased to $1,500.00 and number to be given each year shall be 5.
In 1991 it was approved for a special prize. A free conference drawing, where all members will have their name placed in a drawing for the next conference being paid for the Conference registration and motel. In order to collect they must attend the next conference. They can not give it to another member and receive nothing if they do not attend the next conference. In 1996 this was changed that only members present at the conference could have their name place in the drawing for the next conference.
In 1993 the Association appointed their first Historian, Louise Hill she was to maintain a scrapbook of photos and other conference items.
In 1998 the Association decided to start having Golf and t-shirts with the Association name on them.
In 2006 the Association approved the purchase of a new desk top Computer and Lap top Computer for the Secretary / Treasurer. Also it was approved for the Association to set up a Web Page.
In 2008 the Association purchased a Trailer to be used to transport all items to and from all Conferences.
From 2009 to 2012 the Association has moved forward with a core group of members attending the conferences adding a few each year. We have not had very many major events take place over the past few years. With the exception of starting our Web Page in 2010, this Web Page is open to everyone with a member’s only section. We have less than 150 members sign into the Web Page since it was started. The largest problem that we have is decline in membership, and it is not due to death, members just have decided not to renewal their membership. Also we have a fewer number of new retired officers join the association. We are still making contact with every person who retired from any agency in the state (LG LEO or State LEO)
We have updated our By-Laws once since 2010 and continue to provide College Scholarships for the children of Officers killed or disabled in the line of duty.