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Only persons with the current membership standings of Active/Charter Member; Active/Regular Member; Active/ Associate (New Member); Active/Honorary Members are granted access to the Member Only Section.
Persons whom membership status is INACTIVE must become ACTIVE and remain ACTIVE to have access to the Members Only Section.
Persons who were Associate (New Member); Regular; Charter or Honorary Members became Inactive Members, by requesting status change to Inactive; by being changed for failure to pay membership fee and remaining at least one full year past due in membership fee; by mailings being returned with no new address and phone number on file was disconnected so that we could not make contact.
Anyone wishing to upgrade their Membership Status can contact the Association Secretary/Treasurer and obtain information on how to complete the process.
Any problems signing in to Members only section, please contact Association Secretary/Treasurer for assistance as listed below: (email preferred)
Richard K. Powers
NCRPOA Secretary / Treasurer
E-mail: or
Phone: (home) 704-864-9891 or  (cell) 704-616-9242